October 12, 2015

mom style.

Have you ever experienced outfit envy? Maybe you walked by someone that caused you to do a double take because they looked so well put together and you needed to make mental note in hopes to eventually recreate a similar look. This happened to me just the other day.

Here I was at the mall sitting with Jack at lunch, not feeling totally shabby in my outfit. Showered, makeup, and hair in a bun. It was a day that I didn't think I looked exhausted or that my outfit had that last minute thrown together "I'm a mom" look.

And then I looked over and what do I see? The most adorable mom of all adorable moms. The mom that is so well put together in the most basic yet chic way. That mom who is not only wearing her gorgeous long hair down (why is it so hard to do when you become a mom?) but also nicely curled. With an outfit that was so simple, stylish and functional (i.e. food and drool would easily come out when washed) it made me think I should have spent a few extra minutes getting ready. Who cares if that meant everything in my bathroom drawer would be thrown on the floor again.

So yes, I may have had slight mom-look envy. Don't we all from time to time? Here is how I styled the mom look I so loved.

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