October 5, 2015

chambray chic.

It's true what they say, like mother, like daughter. At least in my case. There are times I say, do and even wear something that is exactly like my mom. When I was younger my mom loved wearing her chambray shirt and Sperry top-siders. I remember thinking at the time that I would never wear those...they are simply just too "mom". Well, here I am, my mother's daughter. In my chambray dress with my gold Sperry top-siders sitting by the front door. And here I go once again telling my mom that I am sorry that I ever doubted her decisions when I was younger because now I am doing exactly the same thing. 

Chambray is a style that has been around for a while and I completely understand why. A comfortable, casual, and classic look that is perfect for this season...and next. You can find chambray button down shirts, dresses, dark and light washes. You can layer them with sweaters, pair them with leggings, or throw on over a maxi dress. Chambray is a great go-to and one that you can go ahead and add a few to your closet, because the style won't be leaving any time soon. 

Here are a few Simply Significant chambray finds. 

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