September 10, 2015

warby parker fall collection.

A few years ago I was in desperate need of a new pair of glasses. And so was my dear hubby. I had heard of Warby Parker and was intrigued by their philosophy of providing chic, sophisticated & great looking frames for a fraction of the cost of what you would typically spend on a pair of prescription glasses ($95 to be exact).  Also, Warby Parker follows the "buy one, give one model" and for every pair of glasses sold, they distribute a pair of glasses to someone in need through a non-profit partner. So when looking for new glasses for our family Warby Parker was the obvious place to start.

Now fast forward three years and here I am sitting with my Warby Parker glasses on and my hubby with his. I can't even count the number of times we have received compliments on our frames and one would almost think that my hubby actually worked for Warby Parker from the perfect sales pitch he gives you when you ask where he got his glasses.

With all that said, you will now understand my excitement about the release of the Fall 2015 Collection, which is available in stores and online starting today. A collection full of new designs, two-toned styles, and colors like mulled cider, oak barrel and scarlet sage that are sure to complete your fall look.

My favorite part of shopping with Warby Parker is the Home Try-On program. You select five of you favorite frames online, they will ship them to you free of charge and you have 5 days to try the beauties on at-home and get votes from your friends and family about which style looks best.

I've already selected my five fall favorites to try on at home and can't wait to pick out my next pair of glasses.


  1. What a cool company. I can't wait to see those on you :-)

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