September 17, 2015


I feel that with being a mother comes days of new lessons learned and yesterday was no exception. With a toddler boy running around the chaos at home has gone up a few notches. No matter how often I clean up you will find toys and books covering our floors, random kitchen items found in our laundry basket, under the couch, or anywhere else little mister Jack decides to leave them. As tiring as this age can be at times I also feel this is my favorite age for Jack to date. There is nothing more amazing than watching the world through his eyes. Recognizing that the cars he sees in his books are the same ones he hears outside. Seeing his face light up when he can stack 5 blocks...and then knock them down.

With constant chaos I feel that patience can run thin at times. I'm quick to be consumed with toddler life along with the long to do list I am constantly creating for myself. There are days I forget to slow down, enjoy the moments, and just let Jack be with me and learn. Patience. This is the lesson I learned yesterday while making homemade granola.

By 8 pm I think it is safe to say I am pretty exhausted with chasing our little one around all day and find myself quick to say "no" to a lot more than I would have that morning. And if there is one thing that is true for us it is that the kitchen is hands down Jack's favorite spot in our house, followed by the bath tub. Anytime I am cooking he is eager to see what is going on, smell the herbs, taste everything on the cutting board. Most of the time spitting it back out, but I appreciate the willingness to try. He also loves to mimic everything hubby and I do and so last night when he saw me making granola and opening and closing the oven door then why shouldn't he do the same?

Watching him ready to touch the oven door I quickly opened my mouth to yell "no, don't touch" but in the same second saw the oven mitt at his feet. So instead said "Jack, if you want to touch the oven door you need to have your mitt on so you don't get hurt". I laughed to myself immediately after saying this well knowing he didn't have a clue what I had just said. What did Jack do? Reach down, put the oven mitt on and then proceeded to touch the oven door with a huge smile on his face. This may not seem like much to you as you read this, but for me it spoke a thousand words. At times I am so quick to say no without realizing that if I just take some time to slow down and be more patient there are so many wonderful lessons in life that I get to teach our sweet boy. Just like I learn new things about being a mother every day, he learns something else about this grand world we live in. My heart fills with joy watching him understand us and being so willing to learn something new. It's amazing how this tiny toddler can constantly remind me of valuable lessons, but with a heart full of love and joy I am happy to learn something new everyday from my little mister.



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