September 25, 2015

maverick designs.

You all know I love jewelry and you all know I love my family. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out someone in our family had started her own jewelry line. Let me introduce you to Maverick Designs

Started by three friends, Elaine, Leah & Gina, who are all proud Hotty Toddy Ole Miss Rebels, they took their love for fashion and the arts and started their very own jewelry line, Maverick Designs. With personal styles that are all slightly different they found that together they could create pieces that reflected each style in the most beautiful way. So whether you like jewelry that is more simple or something a little more bold, Maverick Designs surely has something for you. But no matter how simple or bold the piece, you can certainly see the talent, hard work and passion behind it. 

Now that fall is officially here these beauties will pair perfectly with your sweaters and button-downs or be the perfect accent to your holiday dress. I am sure you guessed that my favorite is the gorgeous blue & white piece shown above, but the other pieces are equally as gorgeous and sure to be the spark for many great conversations. 

You can find more beautiful Maverick Designs pieces on Instagram. Or order your very own custom piece at


  1. Oh wow those are so pretty!! I'll have to check them out!

    1. Aren't they gorgeous!! Let me know which one is your favorite!



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