August 17, 2015

work it.

For those of you joining me in the 30 day exercise challenge, we are more than half way there. Way to go!! So far it has been a fun challenge and I've enjoyed doing different types of exercise - family jogs, power walks with friends, yoga and workouts from my boot camp days. There have been good days where I couldn't wait to get my exercise in and days where I tried to wish the 30 minutes away. 

I've been so inspired by everyone who is doing this with me. Seeing your workouts (#30dayswithSS), hearing how motivated you are and how great you feel has really helped me move forward with this goal. We've pushed through our first two weeks, which are the hardest and now our bodies are getting used to the daily exercise, feeling more toned & motivated and perhaps well on our way to making this a habit rather than something we dread.

A lot of what can make your exercise great is what you are wearing. New shoes that make you run or walk faster, that perfect fitting top, or the most comfortable shorts. Here are a few of my favorite workout items & a few that are on my wish list.

My favorites...
Runners...I can't recommend these shorts enough. I always preferred leggings until I found these. Comfortable & light - my favorite pair of shorts. 

My wish list....

one // two // three // four // five // six // seven


  1. Thank you, I needed this post!!! I have missed TWO days in a row now, and having just restarted school (after 14 years!) I was feeling discouraged. Here I've missed these last 2 days of exercise, I'm looking at an unknown study schedule, and worried about missing precious quality time with my son. But your post reminded me that the last 2 runs before this lapse were AMAZING. So much improvement since...I don't know when. And my body is feeling stronger. I'm not going to let these past couple days discourage me. I'm going to keep moving forward with the challenge and more importantly appreciate how far I've come and embrace the idea of a new life-style. Thank you Megs!! <3

    1. Your voicemail a couple of weeks ago was so inspiring saying how great you felt! You have so much going on now, but I know you will get back into it! You have always been so good with getting your exercise in...without a 30 day challenge :) xox!

  2. Good for you for doing a 30 day challenge! I workout every second day for the most part and it feels like plenty, I can't imagine every single day. Cute workout clothes definitely help though!

    1. Thank you so much! I can't say it has been easy! I'm impressed with your motivation for every second day. Hoping I can do something similar after this challenge.

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