August 19, 2015

good night.

Our little mister Jack loves to read. When we flew to Florida in July I took a small bag of toys on the plane, but to my surprise he was content with reading the same three books over & over again with breaks of peek-a-boo with our neighbors in between.

When you ask him to pick out a book to read his face lights up and there isn't any hesitation as he hurries along to grab his favorite book to proudly bring back to you. And don't think that you will just read the book once. He first likes to flip through the pages as fast as he can, read it backwards, and then will sit quietly as we read it from beginning to end. When we are done he quickly flips the book back to the beginning to start all over again.

His favorites? These three Good Night books by Adam Gamble. I originally bought the Good Night California book a few years ago as a birthday gift and they soon became my go-to baby shower or birthday gift for little ones. The best part is the great assortment of states, cities, and so much more this collection comes in. We love saying good-night to our family all over the country with these books.

I think it might be time to add a few more to our collection.

one // two // three // four 


  1. Oh wow, I didn't know there were so many options! This is great! Thank you for sharing <3

  2. Perfect timing! After reading your post, I ordered some for my best friend's baby's first birthday. Keep the recommendations coming!! :)

  3. Except the planes never go "good night" #bankershillliving



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