July 30, 2015

traveling with your little one.

We have been home for a little over a week now and it has been wonderful getting back into routine & catching up with friends. I can't even tell you how relieved I am to having traveling solo + a one year-old for 2 cross-country trips behind me. Jack is a great & calm baby, but when it comes to traveling I feel that you just never know what your little one may have in store for you.

Traveling by yourself {sans baby} can be difficult, traveling with baby + someone else can be difficult, and then there is traveling by yourself + baby....I won't lie, it is exhausting, but you're a parent, you will survive and most likely it will be much easier than you expected & over before you know it. To help make your prep for travel with a baby a little bit easier here a few things to consider.

One. Pack smart. This is not the trip to just throw anything & everything into your carry on. I took the time to really think about what was an absolute essential for the plane and only took those items. As light as the bag seems when you are walking out the door of your house, it will feel two times heavier when you are carrying your little one down the aisle of the airplane while trying to not hit everyone with the *light* bag you packed. I carried on the maximum of 2 bags...which had bags inside of bags. One bag was Jack's diaper bag filled with his essentials, a few toys & several books - the boy loves to read! Don't take too many toys and only take ones that you don't mind losing or ones that aren't going to fall into a million different pieces on the floor. My second bag had my purse (take a small one!), a small cooler for food & milk, iPad, and 1 book for myself just in case I had time to read. Organize your bags in a way that has the most essential items on top or in something that will make them easy to find. If you don't already have one I highly recommend buying a couple of the Truffle pouches. I had one in each bag and were a life saver for keeping the toys and myself organized.

Two. Something new. Buy your little one something new before the trip to give to them on the plane. I bought Jack a snack catcher that kept him busy for about 45 minutes with him trying to figure out how to get the food out. The mom behind us bought her little girl a new toy doll. Something new is exciting for them and will {hopefully} keep them preoccupied long enough for you to chug that much needed cup of coffee. 

Three. Food. Our one year-old tends to love something one day and then the next day he won't have anything to do with it. You just never know so for the week leading up to our trip I wrote down food he was really enjoying and what he was giving to our dog to eat so he didn't have to. I packed food that was easy to travel with, not too messy & something that I could snack on too. Some ideas? Veggie sticks, sliced apples and pears, peanut butter sandwich, sliced deli meat, cheerios. I had a small, soft cooler with a few ice packs that I could easily pack in my carry on. I made the mistake of packing a sippy cup for each meal that we would be on the plane. Not necessary. Take 1 sippy cup for milk/juice and 1 for water.

As soon as we got on the plane I was quick to get myself organized. I put a couple of books (my own included) in the seat pockets, got the sippy cup and snacks ready for take off and said a quick prayer. Our travels went much better than expected & people were surprisingly kind. I feel that we often hear about the glares parents get just for bringing a baby on board, but I noticed more people were eager to tell me about their grandchildren they were going to visit or the kids they couldn't wait to see when they got home. Most people understand the exact situation you are in because they have been there too so sit back, *relax* & enjoy your flight.

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  1. Such a great and (much needed) positive post on this topic! I will be reading this again before I travel next time.



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