July 8, 2015

summer reads.

With our Florida vacation only a couple of days away I can't help but think about what books I should take for our time at the beach. I dream of sitting in the warm sun, a nice cold beverage in one hand and a book in the other....and then I remember that I have a one year old son. Who am I kidding?! I will be covered in sand the second my toes hit the sand. And did I mention that Jack prefers to not nap at the beach? I imagine he worries that he might miss out on all the fun if he naps. My only hope for a couple of minutes of 'me' time is that my brother and nephew will be able to keep my little mister preoccupied.

I will still be sure to take a book for the beach just in case I do get a few minutes in between play time. Here are a few books that are on my summer reading list...

Two that seem to be all the talk

Two recommendations from friends & family 

Two that I just can't resist because they look like the perfect beach reads 

What books are on your summer reading list?

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  1. Those look like some great books! You inspired me to start reading A Moveable Feast by Hemmingway. It's his account of that time in the early 20's spent in Paris when he was married to Hadley. So far it's just delightful!



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