July 9, 2015

meal planning.

You could most definitely classify me as a planner. A serial list maker...to do, to make, to clean, to buy. I am that person that will add something to my list after it is done just so I can cross it off. Yes, I may have a slight problem, but I know some of you completely understand what I mean.

One of my favorite things that I plan out on a weekly basis are our family meals. I started doing this a while ago after reading about it in one of my French parenting books. I know it isn't something that is solely French style, but reading about it in my books motivated me to try the same in our home. A lot of the motivation comes from getting your children involved with selecting the menu for the week and coming up with creative names for each dinner to make them sound enticing to your little ones. I know Jack is still too young for this, but I thought getting myself in the habit now couldn't hurt.

Weekly meal planning has turned into something that I really enjoy and look forward to. I love the challenge of finding new meals that our entire family will enjoy, writing each day out to hang on the refrigerator for us all to see, and adding a bible verse to inspire us for the week ahead. Not to mention, planning ahead makes my grocery list much easier to put together, trips to the store much faster, and holds me accountable to making dinner every night.

If you want to you can take this to another level and prep your meals in advance like fellow blogger, Back to Her Roots, talks about in her post. I'm not even close to being that organized yet so will continue on with my weekly meal planning.

Do you plan or prep your meals for each week?

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  1. Thank you- meal planning has changed my life! Seriously! I do NOT enjoy finding new recipes or cooking or shopping. By planning out the meals for the week, it cuts way back on the stress of making them. And the best benefit of meal planning is it guarantees we will have time to sit down as a family to enjoy dinner together. Preparing meals has gone from a stressful and dreaded task to just another chore at the beginning of my week that adds happiness to the rest of the week. Thank you, thank you for the inspiration!



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