June 26, 2015


With a nice long trip to Florida right around the corner my thoughts are full of days at the beach, happy times with family & humidity, humidity, humidity. Yes, I lived in Florida for most of my life, but believe it or not this FL gal actually got used to the SoCal warm weather {remember me complaining about how cold it was in San Diego in this post?!}. Beach days now equal mid to high 70's rather than high 80's and I can't help but laugh when I hear the locals complain about it being too hot here. Go ahead and say it, we are spoiled here.

In preparation for my trip I've found a few things that will help me beat the FL heat & humidity.

Navy Bathing Suit Top & Bottom from J.Crew & J.Crew Factory

Now off to google 'how to travel by yourself with a one year old across the country'!  


  1. Hahaha! There's that whole traveling with a 1 year old "thing". :-) Your Florida pics look cool and refreshing! Can't wait for you to get here <3



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