June 30, 2015

family dinners.

My favorite meal is hands-down, dinner. Not because of the food...although delicious...it is because it means family time to me. A time to sit down without any distractions. Turn off the television, leave the phones on the counter, turn on some good music & just enjoy your time together. It is the end of the day and the start of many great conversations...dreams of the future, laughs about the past, and just being in the moment.

My hubby will get a kick out of this post as he has seen the number of hours I've spent researching my perfect dining room setup, not to mention listen to me talk about it too many times to count. I've been dying to replace our little setup that we currently have for something that could allow for a few more people to join us at our family dinners comfortably. I think I can stop looking because I've found my dream dining table and chairs.

Set of Chairs: One Kings Lane
Fabric End Chairs: Restoration Hardware

1 comment:

  1. I agree, dinner is such an important family bonding time. Great post! (I'd love to see that dining room someday ;-)



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