June 22, 2015


Cuffed denim is one of my favorite looks this season & one that I find myself wearing day after day. Shorts, pants, distressed, clean-cut dark, slim fit, boyfriend fit. I'm sure you get my point. It's a great look for day or night and one that you can dress up with a silky top and heals at night or a linen shirt and sandals for the day.

baby on the way?? J.Crew has this style in their maternity selection!

You will find me in these cuffed shorts and these pants on a daily basis.

images via J.Crew. you can find the styles here one. two. three. four. five


  1. I found a treasure a few months ago- a denim jacket circa 1992. I'm in love with it because it reminds me of high school when I lived in one of those things <3. But ever since I got it, I don't wear it because I don't know how! Seemed so easy when I was 16, but now I just don't know what it looks "right" with. Any advice?

    1. What a gem to find!! It would look great with a sun dress (short or maxi) to keep you warm in the AC. You can also style it with a pair of colored cotton shorts & a tank top and cute necklace. Unbutton & roll the sleeves up a couple of times to give it a more relaxed looked. I'd be happy to help you with looks when I'm back in St. Pete!!

  2. Thank you so much- you're the best!!!



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