February 17, 2015

clean eats.

I think it is safe to say that I don't have a green thumb. Somehow I have managed to kill off plants that are described as low maintenance and indestructible. Always being the one who longs to have a garden in the backyard where our family can pick our herbs or vegetables for each meal, you can imagine how much this worries me. I have fond memories of my mom's garden when I was younger...watching the strawberries turn from small, white berries to red, juicy, ready to eat strawberries.

Now with Jack well on his way to eating solids I am consumed with the thought of having nothing but fresh foods in our house. Obviously this is easier said than done and the fact that I am dead set on giving him teething wafers at the start of every meal is proof that we can't follow every rule, every time. But I've been inspired in the most recent baby book that I'm reading, French Kids Eat Everything. With one of the many ideas of eating is to start your baby on fresh {non-processed} foods, which will ultimately help them learn to love, and even yearn for fresh foods as they grow older. Seeing as Jack, who is now 8 months, strongly disliked every single homemade puree from the start made me skeptical and wonder how important and true this really is. But persistence is key, just like everyone else says, and we are finally walking down the solid {homemade} food road. So now that I am on cloud nine with Jack finally being okay with solids, I have this overwhelming feeling that it is my responsibility to teach him about food, make eating fun, and to provide the best meals for him. 

So, what would any mother having this amazing maternal instinct do? Obviously, purchase their first herb garden from the local Trader Joe's! I've already made two dishes using herbs from my new garden...and hope that I can keep it alive more than a week. *wish me luck*

I'd love to know what your at home gardens have in them....perhaps things that are easy for someone who still trying to earn their green thumb could keep alive? 

P.S. happy mardi gras y'all!!! 

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  1. I look forward to seeing how your adventures with the herb harden turn out! I'm just like you in that I would love to have a garden, but lack the green thumb. I'm determined to plant SOMETHING this year, so I'll let you know how that goes:-)



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