July 9, 2014

being a mother.

I have been a mother for 1 month now and no one could have ever prepared me for what motherhood is really like. The unconditional love, the overwhelming joy, the never-ending worry...emotions that take over your entire mind and body within seconds of having your little one placed in your arms.

I knew being a mother would be wonderful and fulfilling, it was something I always looked forward to. You go through 9 months of dreaming about your child, wondering what he will look like...will he have daddy's height and mommy's eyes (that was my wish), wondering what taking care of a baby will really be like (is it like taking care of our golden retriever?!), and listening to friend's baby stories while counting down the days until you have some of your own to tell.

Now here I am sitting with my precious baby boy sound asleep next to me and each of those emotions I mentioned above running through me every minute of every day. Things that used to be so important to me all of a sudden don't seem so important. My "to do" list now consists of only 2 items...take a shower and eat breakfast before 11 am. And if the rest of my day doesn't involve getting the dishes or laundry done, that's okay, because it means I spent time rocking my little one to sleep, singing songs to him, making silly faces to see him smile and just watching him while he sleeps because I don't want to miss the adorable faces he makes when dreaming or the big stretches when he is about to wake up.

Being a mother forced me to prioritize my life, to take a step back and not feel so anxious or upset when things aren't in order or clean. I have learned to laugh at things that I never thought I would find funny. I realized that you have to take life day by day because "schedule" is no longer in our vocabulary (at least for now). I try to live in the moment because from what I hear these moments go by way too fast. I will be a mother for the rest of my life and although I am only one month in and know that there will be both happy and trying times ahead, I can confidently say this is the best and most important job that I will ever have.

There was an article in the Huffington Post about lessons learned in the first year of being a mother and one of them was "You will never feel so vulnerable, so in love, so part of life...or sleepy". There is no truer statement.

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  1. I love this post. I couldn't agree more....with everything! I'm so happy for you!!!



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