February 3, 2014

beauty essentials.

Everyone has their particular daily beauty routine. For some it may consist of a lot of products and for others it may be something simple - a cleanser here, a little moisturizer there - all depending on your skin type. I am one of those people who has extra sensitive skin. I have to be careful that my cleansers and moisturizers aren't too "heavy" or else I will have the dreaded breakout.

It took me a while to narrow down my favorite beauty products, but I think I finally figured out what works best for me and my skin. All of the products I use have an extremely light feel to them and I don't feel like I have a layer of product sitting on my face after application, which is very important to me. I only recently added the last 2 products by Tata Harper to my daily routine since I became pregnant {thanks to a great gift from my soon to be sister-in-law}, which have really made a difference especially since I noticed that my skin has become extra finicking during pregnancy. Now that I have my daily beauty products figured out I am happy to share them with you…they may or may not work for your skin type, but here are my favorites….

PM: L'OCCITANE Ultra-Gentle Cleansing Milk {hands down the best cleanser I have used}

PM: A few spritzes of Tata Harper Hydrating Floral Essence followed by Tata Harper Rejuvenating Serum {these are a dream and make my face feel so fresh after applying}

And of course for those occasional breakouts Clinique has the answer for me. 

I use the Spot Healing Gel morning and night. Since it is clear gel I put it on before applying my makeup for the day. I use the Emergency Gel-Lotion Intensif at night. 

What are your favorite products that you use in your daily beauty routine? I'd love to know! 

images by Simply Significant. all opinions are my own. 

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