January 30, 2014

lean closet movement.

I received an email from Cuyana at the beginning of the year about their Lean Closet Movement for 2014. Busy with getting back into a routine after the holidays I didn't really read much more than the subject line of the email. Well, today I finally had some time to go through my old emails and read more about this movement and I am happy that I did. With a mission to "simplify our closets and our lives through intentional buying - to create a closet filled with only pieces you love", Cuyana {through the words of smart, organized women} shares weekly tips on how each of us can accomplish this.

Week 1: "Defining & Eliminating" How to define your personal style and based on that, eliminate the pieces you no longer wear
Week 2: "Shopping & Styling" Understanding different materials, what pieces to invest in and how to mix and match pieces into outfits for all occasions
Week 3: "Setting Up & Organizing" Designing your most ideal closet space and best tips for organizing and storing your clothes
Week 4: "Packing & Traveling" How to pack most efficiently for short or long trips and how to put together perfect outfits when you're traveling
This couldn't have come at a better time for me personally. With a little baby on the way and not much space to work with, I realized that I need to think of creative ways to to make room and prepare for our growing family. At times just thinking about it all can be a bit overwhelming, but this will be a great guideline to get me started and figure out what we really need and use. I plan on not only using these tips for the closets, but for our entire apartment to create a simple, cozy, and organized home to bring our little one into.

Time to simplify and organize!

image and weekly tips via Cuyana

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