September 2, 2013

the honest life.

One thing I love about today is the abundance of information available and awareness about healthy habits and lifestyles. I feel like people are so much more aware about what we are consuming, care more about the affects on the environment, and have made a healthy lifestyle more of a priority. It is amazing and inspiring to hear stories and see what people are doing to help build the awareness, and scary when you read about the unhealthy toxins and chemicals that we consume on a daily basis. I am not an expert on this topic so won't go on any more about that and will get to my main point. 

I recently bought and am currently reading Jessica Alba's book "The Honest Life". I can honestly say {no pun intended!} that I am a huge fan of this book. It is one of those books that I am highlighting, underlining and starring sentences as I go along. Inspired by a lifestyle that came about when Jessica Alba was pregnant with her first daughter, she shares her story about what inspired her to look into what products are really made with and why going organic can be so much better for you and your family. There are portions of the book that are geared towards babies, but she also talks about style, beauty products, being a hostess, and how to create healthy and natural meals full of delicious flavor. There is something for everyone! 

Through all of this came the brand and company, The Honest Company. It is a shop full of natural products - for your body, your home, your baby, and yourself. I was interested in trying both a kitchen and bath product so got the lotion and the fruit & veggie spray to start off with. I have to say that I am very impressed with both and really love using them on a daily basis! 

I highly recommend picking up a copy of the book to see what The Honest Life is all about and while you are at it I would love to know if you have tried any of the products from The Honest Company

images via The Honest Company

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