March 2, 2013

the year of cotton.

This week hubby and I celebrated two amazing years of marriage.  I spent a lot of time looking through our wedding albums and thinking about our wedding weekend. It was truly one of the best moments in my life and spent with our closest family and friends. These last two years have been full of changes and growth for our little family of three. I can honestly say that after being in San Diego for exactly two years now I have finally adjusted and genuinely adore this city we now call home. I think of all of the wonderful experiences, friends, and new places we have discovered in these last two years...we wouldn't change anything for a minute and every day are reassured with the decision we made to move out here. It's a good feeling to have that peace.

Enough of the sappy stuff! Hubby and I celebrated in low-key fashion with a family walk on the beach after work and a romantic dinner at my favorite French restaurant, Cafe Chloe. It doesn't get much better than that. I especially love searching for the perfect anniversary gift. Year One was paper and hubby and I had very different and clever ideas for our gifts. Year Two is cotton and I loved looking at the top recommendations out there...a hammock {not suitable for city living}, bed and bath linens {is this gift really for me or you??}, cotton robes {this could work}, but then wanted to go practical as I know my hubby loves practical gifts. So I guess two years of marriage also brings on the 'great minds think alike' mentality. We bought each other button down shirts. His and hers from Everlane {remember this post} and J.Crew. 100% cotton, 100% practical.

{images via J.Crew, Everlane, & Simply Significant}

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