February 20, 2013

oh, hello.

Hellooo dearsies. I feel so bad that I have completely neglected the blog lately. I have one million excuses, but to put it simply, life got the best of me last month. Hubby and I have been enjoying time with friends and family, exploring the great outdoors, and taking advantage of the little moments we have together in between our busy work and personal schedules. Here is a little peek at what we have been up to...

 :: gorgeous days in san diego ::

:: relax, relax, relax ::

:: precious moments with family ::

:: hello sun valley ::

:: hiked up to the highest peak in san diego :: 

:: skiing in deer valley :: 

sweet, sweet moments shared with my favorites. and now only 6 short days away from celebrating 2 wonderful years of being married.

images taken by simply significant


  1. Excellent blog entry! Your absence is forgiven- looks like you've been quite busy :-) <3

  2. Looks like you had a lot of adventures in a very short time frame, how fun! Nice to see your dog making an appearance climbing Cowles Mountain! :)



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