January 13, 2013

note to self: the print shop.

I have been following Note to Self religiously for the last year or so and just adore Sarah's blog. She is so very creative and someone that I look up to in the blogger world. I love her words of the week and the hers/mine posts. Maybe someday, even for just one day, I will have the pleasure of meeting her.

I was so happy for Sarah when I saw her post last week announcing her Print Shop on Society6. I absolutely love the simplicity in her work. Prints that make me do a double take, enjoying the artistic work behind the prints and the details in each and every one. I just can't get enough of the iPhone cases, the art prints {framed and not}, and canvases. Ciao and Bonjour art prints...I can picture them now on a wall in our apartment. Sailor tee, a bouquet of tulips....I mean, they are just too cute for words. We are in the process of updating our guest room and I think I might just need to add one of Sarah's prints to make the room simply significant.

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