December 29, 2012

frends with benefits.

It's Saturday, Saturday, Saturday! I hope you and yours had a fabulous Christmas and are enjoying the rest of your holiday season! Ours was full of good food, plenty of cookies and time with family at home. I am sad the Christmas season is about over and that I will need to soon put all of our decorations away, but I guess it is safe to say that I listened to enough Christmas music and watched enough Christmas TV to get me through to next year.

Now, let's talk headphones. I assume we are all in the same boat and have one too many earphones around the house. The older ones without the microphone, ones that you can't hear out of the right or left ear and the rest of them tangled up in a big ball like Clark Griswold's lights. Well, I say it is time for an upgrade. An upgrade to Frends. These are hands down the prettiest earphones I have laid eyes on. They shimmer and shine like no other headphones and give you the option to look stylish and gorgeous while listening to your favorite tunes. I'll take them.

In the words of Frends, "We believe that women need a choice, it's as simple as that, and they need a beautiful one....". I couldn't agree more.

Now the decision comes to Taylor, Ella or Layla in gold, silver or rose gold.

images via Frends

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