November 1, 2012

everlane. ever love.

Happy first day of November my dear friends! I hope you had a not-so-scary Halloween! Now it is time for us to jump feet first into the holiday season. This morning I was welcomed to Starbucks with red holiday cups and the kickoff to peppermint season {sorry pumpkin spice, you have been replaced}. Naturally those two things made me think of Christmas music and it too soon? Probably.

Today I was excited to see a note from Everlane in my inbox announcing their much anticipated cashmere and silk product lines. My heart melted when I saw what they had added to their shop.

In case you aren't familiar with Everlane, let me introduce you...Simple. Timeless. Classic. Sweaters, bags, tops, scarves...I don't want to give it all away. They take pride in selling directly to their customers and not including a middleman, which in turn gives them the ability to sell their good quality products at a lower cost. Their pieces are perfect for work, weekends, or relaxing evenings {all the time, anytime}. I'll take that cashmere sweater layered with the silk top any day.

Here are a few of my favorites.

Hubby would look oh so handsome in these.

Jump on over to Everlane and let me know which pieces are your favorite!! 

P.S. Happy 1 Year Anniversary dear Everlane!! 

Images via Everlane

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