September 16, 2012

natural beauty.

Easy. Modern. Confident. That is how the Aerin Lauder describes her new makeup line, Aerin. Throughout the years I have always admired Aerin and her style - both her personal and home design - styles that are classic yet stunning.

Aerin's new line is simple and neutral, which can create the most beautiful look. She has created a Weekday line and a Weekend line with subtle differences in the colors. Aerin was featured in the August 2012 Vogue and I loved how she described the Weekend look something you would "wear to the beach or relaxing in Aspen"...or wherever you spend your lovely weekends. It's exactly what us gals need for our Saturdays and Sundays. Something simple to add that little touch before heading out to enjoy a cup of coffee or stroll the streets at the Farmer's Market.

Aerin's new line truly is simply significant.



images via Vogue and Aerin Beauty

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