May 20, 2012

sailing beauties.

Three words. Kiel James Patrick. Have you discovered him yet? If not, you must. Blair from Atlantic-Pacific shared her ever-adorable jewels of the day with everyone last week, which was my first introduction to KJP. It didn't take long to come up with a million reasons why I must have one of their bracelets {1. they are perfect for our sailing trip next month}.

Kiel James Patrick has a great assortment of nautical themed accessories, including belts, headbands, ties, and my personal favorite, the bracelets. While perusing the KJP website I found some great gift ideas for my lovie and for a few special ladies who share my love for sailing. These handmade sailor rope bracelets are the perfect reminder of sunny days out on the boat.

I simply adore the Turks Head Knot Rope and Triton Collection and couldn't wait to share a few of my favorites with you...

Swiffter Tied Ripper

Mariner & Cape Poge Bay

Brenton Cay

Tail that Gator

Images courtesy of Kiel James Patrick

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