April 16, 2012

simply significant monday.

I don't know about you, but Mondays just aren't my best day. I wake up a little more tired than other days, I always dream of one more day to be added to the weekends and just never quite ready to start my work week all over again. You won't often hear my say, "oh, I can't wait for Monday!" and if you do I am most likely going on vacation. How fun would it be if we had something to look forward to on Mondays?  {no, sorry, I can't give you that extra day we all dream of} Instead of mourning the weekend past I dream of using Monday as a day to think about the wonderful 2 days we just had...full of amazing sights, laughs, relaxation, and time spent doing things you simply love. Friends, let's enjoy things that are just simply significant on Mondays. 

To kickoff our first Monday I thought we could celebrate gold and orange. I hope this brightens your day! 

Happy Monday!! 

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