April 15, 2012

run fast. run far.

I absolutely cannot believe it, but I am only 2 short weeks away from running my first half marathon. {eek!} The training has been great and have already worked up to 12 miles!! It wasn't long ago that 3 miles seemed unbearable and 12 miles unimaginable. I have something very important that I need to work on over these next couple of weeks...creating the best running playlist. Ever. I don't know about you, but I have to listen to music while running. I applaud those who don't need it and especially those of you who can even manage to hold a conversation while running, but I need music while running. I have a fairly decent playlist right now, but I need something that will keep me going strong to the finish line.

This is where I need your help...I would love if you could share great songs that keep you going...old school, newbies...whatever works!

A few of the great artists I am currently listening to...MGMT, Phoenix, Empire of the Sun, The Grateful Dead, Lupe Fiasco, Salt-n-Pepper and Fun.

I promise, once I have created my perfect playlist I will be happy to share it with you.

Happy Weekend!

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