March 7, 2012

san francisco.

Boy, oh, boy, has it been busy here for our household. My work load at the office has tripled quadrupled, our evenings are full of meetings, running, making dinner and immediately falling asleep on the couch. But the best part of this whirlwind-of-a-life are the weekend getaways we have been going on. As you know, we recently went to Park City and this weekend had a fabulous time in San Francisco. It's fun living one short flight away from such wonderful, wonderful city (Oh, SD, don't worry...I still love you). Something my Dad always likes to ask at the end of a great trip is what our favorite part was. Now I think about this at the end of every vacation. It is such a great way to think about all the wonderful moments {try it next time you go on a trip...ask everyone you are with. It's fun to hear what all the favorites are!}

I have two that tied for first place...

Early morning run over the Golden Gate Bridge with the family.

Night tour at Alcatraz.

I have a pretty good guess that this was my hubby's favorite...

As expected, when you are in San Fran great meals are always in order. Pastries and lattes before church at La Boulange, brunch after our run at The Grove, and dinner at The Stinking Rose, where they serve garlic with a side of garlic. All places I highly recommend!

Until next time San Fran, thanks for such a great weekend. 

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