March 19, 2012

i dream of...

Purses. You may remember a while ago I mentioned that it might be time for a new purse here. This subject would most likely be up for debate in our side pointing out the evidence of why I need another purse...the frays, wear and tear of my current fav Kate Spade and trying to explain how it just isn't as fun transferring all my purse goodies into another old purse. Whereas, the other side trying to stand ground on how a purse is like a use it until it absolutely doesn't work anymore, no one will notice the scratches and dents. If only our little Mackenzie could talk to break the tie...I really think she would be on my side...right?

Well, until then I have put together my collection of loves. In case anyone (hubs...are you reading this?) is aware that someone's ( birthday is around the corner ( month).

Why not replace my Kate Spade with this fabulous Kate Spade.

Marc Jacobs.

Marc Jacobs times two.


And now welcome to the dreams of all dreams.
Miu Miu. I absolutely love this color!



 Doug Johnston...this one is perfect, I mean absolutely perfect, for our upcoming honeymoon in June. 

Images courtesy of Kate Spade, Shopbop, Nordstrom, Polyvore, Burberry, SaksFithAvenue, Doug Johnston, Pinterest

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