January 14, 2012

out with the old, in with the new.

With the start of a new year I realized I am always a bit eager to organize or re-decorate at home. With all of the Christmas decorations put away, our Charlie Brown tree gone, and the gifts unwrapped, the house always seems a little empty and slightly disorganized from the holiday hustle and bustle. No matter how much I clean and find homes for our new goodies, it still does feel organized or clean enough to me.

The hubby and I have been discussing ways to make our second bedroom less of a hodgepodge of items we would prefer to have behind closed doors and more useful and guest friendly. This can be a bit tricky due to the size of the room and I am still working on the details so we will shut that door again, for now, and move out to the living room.

Our living room is cozy, but we had to be creative when trying to decide how to organize the room. You might say our apartment is a bit on the small side, but I like to think of it as *cozy* instead of tiny. I definitely think there are few things I could do to satisfy my craving to re-decorate our living room.

First things first..good-bye coffee table.
I am not sure what is about the 'bachelor pad' coffee table - it should be perfectly fine and it is to everyone else, but me. I am looking for one that takes up less room and a little softer to the eyes. I drool over this one everyday. I love the glass shelves and the bottom shelf is a must have to hold all of our magazines and travel books. You can rest assured knowing an email has already been sent to the hubby with a link to purchase.

Next, replace the flat couch pillows. I love my pillow covers, but the green paisley screens "spring and summer" to me (yes, I realize I should have replaced these in Fall'11. Better late than never right?!). We have a gray couch and a white chair so I thought these would look nice...

Finally, the finishing touches. White candles, flowers, white throw for the couch, dust, vacuum, and voila! Our little living room is that much more cozy.

images from pottery barn and zgallerie

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