July 17, 2011

sunday funday

We are wrapping up a fabulous weekend with homemade whole wheat pizza and the World Cup {thanks to DVR} BJ and I spent today at a family picnic. I have been craving deviled eggs lately, but wanted to try something a little different. The result...horseradish dill weed deviled eggs and California avocado deviled eggs topped with jalapenos. One word = Delicious. It was difficult not to eat every single one of them on our drive up to the OC. If you are in charge of appetizers for a picnic or party I definitely recommend these deviled eggs - a delicious twist to a traditional food.

BJ and I also continued the World Cupcake tradition - Year 2. Chocolate cupcakes decorated with our own special designs. Can you tell what they all are? {We ran out of red icing so a couple only have sprinkles} 

**notice two cupcakes are missing - we couldn't resist a little taste testing last night!
***There are two cupcakes left from the picnic and BJ just said he is allowed to have another one if the USA wins the game. No pressure, girls, no pressure. 

xoxo, MC



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