May 18, 2011

oh really.

2 myths I have been told about San Diego...

Number 1. It never rains.
Not true. It rained yesterday (I swear it wasn't just mist!) and I woke up to rain this morning.
{I can stop complaining now...I can see the sun breaking through the clouds}

Number 2. The weather is gorgeous all year round.
Debatable. For the folks from the northern states this could be a true statement, but for this FL gal I will admit it is a little chilly outside for me. I couldn't help but check to see what the temperature is back home (80's!). It was gorgeous here last week but now that I am counting down the days until I rejoin the world of work I just want to spend time at  pool to enjoy some R & R.

My perfect weather = High 70's - 80's, sunshine!, no humidity, light breeze, sand between my toes, book in my hand...oh! I started daydreaming!

This would work...

xoxo, MC

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