May 20, 2011

the blues.

It is no lie, I love the color blue. I love it so much I felt it was important to include it in the "About Me" section. With all this wonderful free time I have finally been able catch up on reading Elle Decor magazines that I have been toting around since November 2010! As I was going through the magazines {dreaming of the future Conrad house} I realized everything I kept saying, "I love this. And I love this." was blue or had blue accents. While I was sitting here looking at blue chairs and vases I couldn't help but browse 'blues music'.
Just another reason why blue is so wonderful.

...My absolute favorite song Etta James At Last was ranked #1 blues song on iTunes {you should here me sing this one in the car!}

...Or this one Blue Moon...another great blue song. {Tell me you weren't tapping your feet or even swaying side to side just a little while listening to this classic}

Some great blue items that I would love to have around the house. I especially adore the picture by Richard Misrach. Talk about peaceful.

Pictures from Elle Decor February/March 2011

xoxo, MC

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