October 12, 2015

mom style.

Have you ever experienced outfit envy? Maybe you walked by someone that caused you to do a double take because they looked so well put together and you needed to make mental note in hopes to eventually recreate a similar look. This happened to me just the other day.

Here I was at the mall sitting with Jack at lunch, not feeling totally shabby in my outfit. Showered, makeup, and hair in a bun. It was a day that I didn't think I looked exhausted or that my outfit had that last minute thrown together "I'm a mom" look.

And then I looked over and what do I see? The most adorable mom of all adorable moms. The mom that is so well put together in the most basic yet chic way. That mom who is not only wearing her gorgeous long hair down (why is it so hard to do when you become a mom?) but also nicely curled. With an outfit that was so simple, stylish and functional (i.e. food and drool would easily come out when washed) it made me think I should have spent a few extra minutes getting ready. Who cares if that meant everything in my bathroom drawer would be thrown on the floor again.

So yes, I may have had slight mom-look envy. Don't we all from time to time? Here is how I styled the mom look I so loved.

October 5, 2015

chambray chic.

It's true what they say, like mother, like daughter. At least in my case. There are times I say, do and even wear something that is exactly like my mom. When I was younger my mom loved wearing her chambray shirt and Sperry top-siders. I remember thinking at the time that I would never wear those...they are simply just too "mom". Well, here I am, my mother's daughter. In my chambray dress with my gold Sperry top-siders sitting by the front door. And here I go once again telling my mom that I am sorry that I ever doubted her decisions when I was younger because now I am doing exactly the same thing. 

Chambray is a style that has been around for a while and I completely understand why. A comfortable, casual, and classic look that is perfect for this season...and next. You can find chambray button down shirts, dresses, dark and light washes. You can layer them with sweaters, pair them with leggings, or throw on over a maxi dress. Chambray is a great go-to and one that you can go ahead and add a few to your closet, because the style won't be leaving any time soon. 

Here are a few Simply Significant chambray finds. 

September 30, 2015

simple love story.

Do you ever feel like a company just gets you? From head to toe, their philosophy to their product, you feel like they were meant just for you. This love story is about Cuyana.

It's not the first time I've written about Cuyana and it certainly won't be the last. I can honestly say that this is my soul company, destined to spend a simple life together. With a philosophy of quality over quantity and simple, classic looks, there isn't a company out there that gets me more than they do.

No matter how hard I try to love bold & bright styles the fact is, it just isn't me. Not to say I won't throw on a bright every now and again, but I'm always drawn right back to classic, conservative, neutral looks. I've always been a firm believer of quality over quantity and despite what my husband thinks based on our knick-knack discussions, I do think fewer is better. And it is easier for me to accomplish the simple life by staying true to myself and adding only what I truly love to my closet.

September 25, 2015

maverick designs.

You all know I love jewelry and you all know I love my family. So you can imagine how excited I was when I found out someone in our family had started her own jewelry line. Let me introduce you to Maverick Designs

Started by three friends, Elaine, Leah & Gina, who are all proud Hotty Toddy Ole Miss Rebels, they took their love for fashion and the arts and started their very own jewelry line, Maverick Designs. With personal styles that are all slightly different they found that together they could create pieces that reflected each style in the most beautiful way. So whether you like jewelry that is more simple or something a little more bold, Maverick Designs surely has something for you. But no matter how simple or bold the piece, you can certainly see the talent, hard work and passion behind it. 

Now that fall is officially here these beauties will pair perfectly with your sweaters and button-downs or be the perfect accent to your holiday dress. I am sure you guessed that my favorite is the gorgeous blue & white piece shown above, but the other pieces are equally as gorgeous and sure to be the spark for many great conversations. 

You can find more beautiful Maverick Designs pieces on Instagram. Or order your very own custom piece at maverickdesignsjewelry@gmail.com.

September 21, 2015

house guests.

Living in San Diego never leaves us with a shortage of house guests. With perfect weather, endless number of activities, and now our little mister, our guest room is in high demand with our friends and family. Wanting to make our guests feel comfortable when staying with us I've come up with a few simple things we can do as hosts to make our guests feel right at home. 

Bedside Table
|| Write down your wi-fi name & password and place in a small dish for easy access || 
|| Glass carafe with water and glasses. The Giara Water Bottle and Mignon Faget Fleur de Lis glasses are my favorites ||
|| Diptyque & Nest Fragrance candles add a beautiful aroma to the room even without being lit || 
|| Books & magazines. Simplicity and California Surfing & Climbing in the Fifties would be perfect for our home || 

|| Set out extra toiletries. Beautycounter shampoo, conditioner, and body wash are perfect to have waiting for guests ||  
|| Place fresh towels in a spot easily seen || 

|| Set out breakfast items, including with bowls, plates, utensils & cups || 
|| Save yourself time by preparing a special breakfast before your guests arrive. Granola and egg casserole are great options || 
|| Stock up on snacks if you will be spending time at home during the day or evening || 

My personal favorite...place flowers throughout the house. They are the perfect touch to make your guests feel welcome. 


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